Active Ageing and Community Care

The main objective of Active Ageing and Community Care (AACC) is that of transforming the society of ageing from one of dependency to active ageing, to enable independence and dignity with advancing age. As well, as providing Care Services in the community that assist senior citizens, in ageing-in-place. The objective is largely preventive, involving all age groups in the process of ageing actively across the life course.

St Vincent De Paul Long Term Care Facility

St Vincent De Paul Long Term Care Facility aims to provide an environment to ensure that residents live with dignity and a good quality of life through innovative practices and specialised geriatric care for highly dependent persons with complex needs.

Social Care Standards Authority

The Social Care Standards Authority is a regulatory body set up by Act No. XV of 2018, the Authority is set to achieve its goal both through support and regulation, wherein the service user, as well as the service provider, will be actively involved in the ongoing process of standard development and improvement. SCSA aims in improving quality and standards in social welfare services to protect and enhance the dignity, safety and welfare of all service users. These are achieved by licensing social welfare providers, by establishing Social Regulation Standards in the Social welfare sector and by inspecting services and taking action to protect people who use services.

Office of the Commissioner for the Older Persons

The Commissioner has built liaisons with a wide spectrum of stakeholders, who may be directly or indirectly involved in issues concerning older persons in Malta. The Office of the Commissioner for the Older Persons firmly believes that in order to be more effective in such area, one has to work as a team. The Commission’s priority is for older persons to stay safe, healthy and independent and to lead lives that have value, meaning and purpose. By tackling prejudice, inequality and discrimination, aims to achieve more respect for the rights and dignity of older persons in all areas of life.

Together with our visions, missions and objectives our goal is to help our elders with their day to day whilst holistically embracing the multiple facets of health and ageing.